Permissions in NavVis IVION
  • 03 Jun 2024
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Permissions in NavVis IVION

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Article summary

Permissions in are managed using groups. Rather than assigning permissions to each user, users are added to one or more groups, and permissions are granted based on a user's group membership.


NavVis IVION’s group system is hierarchical. A group can have multiple subgroups, which in turn can have subgroups, and so on.

Users can be assigned to multiple groups. They have to be added manually to each group and/or subgroup.

NavVis IVION has a default list of groups, which you can edit via User Management > Groups.

Each group has a name and a set of permissions applied to it. The permissions control what kind of content members of the group can create, view, and publish. You can edit the permissions of a group via User Management > Groups.

As the name implies, if a user is in the Editor group, this means they have edit permissions, if a user is in the Viewer group this means they only have permission to view.

Users can only see groups they are a member of.

Default Groups



IVION Instance


Global Admin


Admin (Site Admin)



Default View/Edit Site Permissions

Permission assigned

Permission not assigned

Permission not accessible

Page/ Side Menu/ Action


User Groups


Global Admin

Site Admin



Home page

User profile

Sites overview

Sites search

Instance settings

Instance configuration


User management

Managing users

Defining user permissions

Managing groups instance level

Managing groups site level

View Site Permissions

View Settings



Datasets viewer

Dataset tree viewer

Edit dataset name

Edit dataset permissions

POI types

View POI type

Create POI types

Edit POI types

Point of Interest (POI)

Setting a View for a POI

Create POI

Edit POI


Site Model attributes



Mark & Measure tool

Crop and download

Processing Data


Site configuration

Download data

Task manager

Site Setup Permissions

View Settings

Datasets viewer


Dataset management

Dataset alignment

Site model editor

Navigation graph

Vector map


Hidden images

Edit site location


View Draft

Additional Permissions

After an instance is created, a Global Admin or Site Admin can make changes to the groups by assigning or removing permissions:

IVION New View Permission

Permission title


Global Admin

Site Admin



Create POI categories

Create POIs

Create vector maps

Create user groups

Make content public

View site model attributes

Edit site model attributes

Crop and download point clouds

View Draft

Use measurement tool

Save measurement

Export POI audit records

Manage data

Data processing

Publish data

Global Admin

Global admins have access to all sites, site content, and functions in an instance.

By default, every instance has a global admin account. The first user to log in automatically becomes a global admin.

Members of the global admin group can add more users to this group.

Site Admin

Site admins have full access to their sites' content. A user can be a site admin of multiple sites.


All users added to are automatically part of the Everyone group. This applies to Registered users with individual sign-in credentials as well as Guest Users, who do not have their own sign-in credentials.

  • Everyone users (these are users that are not part of any group) will only be able to see public sites (they cannot access private sites). In reverse that means that Everyone users will be able to access all public sites.

  • The Everyone user group can be edited by selecting the General tab in the site drop-down menu on the Groups page, here you can also adjust the permissions the Everyone Group has.

Guest Users

Users that are added to , are not automatically added to a group apart from the Everyone group. They are considered guest users and their permissions are limited to viewing, navigating, and searching within . By default, these users do not have creation or editing permissions. To give users additional permissions, add them to an existing group or create a new group with the appropriate permissions.

Note: Users that are not added to a group will not count against applicable user licenses. However, users will count against applicable user licenses once they become part of a group.

Data Processing Rights

Users with Data Processing rights will be permitted to perform the following actions:

  • Upload unprocessed data

  • Launch processing tasks

  • Work with processed data

Note: Users can access the add to dataset management button and copy data to NavVis IVION even if they do not have permission to access the dataset management page.

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