Configuring a Site
  • 29 Apr 2024
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Configuring a Site

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This section describes the configuration options available on the Site level.


Follow these steps to access the Site configuration menu and change the site configuration.

  1. Go to Settings > Site Configuration

  2. Select the desired configuration settings. Refer to the following sections for more information on the site configuration options.

  3. Click Save.

Menu visibility

By default all menu items are shown in a site. Deselect any menu items you want to hide in the site. The following menu visibility options are available.

  • Datasets: shows/hides the Datasets menu item on the left side bar.

  • Sign in: shows/hides the user icon in the upper right corner.

  • New window: shows/hides the menu option to open NavVis IVION in a new window (only relevant if NavVis IVION is embedded in a website as an iFrame)

  • POIs: shows/hides the POI types menu item on the left side bar.

  • Share: shows/hides the Share menu item on the left side bar.

  • View: shows/hides the View menu item on the left side bar.



The following appearance options can be configured under Settings > Site configuration > Appearance.

Use the up and down arrows at the end of the line Maximum resolution of the panorama images loaded for mobile users to change the level of panorama detail loaded for mobile users. A higher value means the panoramas will be more detailed. The recommended values are 2 or 1.

By checking or clearing the selection from the boxes, choose whether or not you want to:

  • Hide the site from the dashboard for Guest Users. When checked, the site will not be displayed on the instance dashboard.

  • Show POI and Site Model details as full-screen dialog. See How to change the size of the POI panel.  

  • Show POI names in the Map view.

  • Show POI names in the Panorama view.

To show only POIs of a specific category, enter the category number under Only show POIs from categories as a comma-separated list. To find a POI category number:

  1. Go to POI types.

  2. Click the pencil icon next to the specific category.

  3. The Category ID is listed at the bottom of the Edit category dialog box

The configuration setting Check and adjust POI visibility shows/hides the Check visibility checkbox in the Advanced POI settings.


Layer visibility

Deselect any layers you want to hide. The following options are available:

  • Panorama position indicator (location dot) on mobile

  • Location markers (image locations on floor): shows/hides the location markers (white circles) in the start up view when you enter a site.

  • Secondary view window: shows/hides the secondary view window in the bottom right corner.

  • Panorama images: shows/hides panorama images in the startup view when you enter a site.

  • Point cloud: shows/hides the point cloud in the startup view when you enter a site.


Map appearance

The following map configuration options are available:

  • Base map: Select which map to display as a background layer. The default is OpenStreetMap.

  • Map tile URL: If you want to use a different map provider, you can enter the URL here. For example, to use Google maps enter the URL:${x}&y=${y}&z=${z}

  • Map tile size (px): Select the tile size of the map in pixels.

  • Map tile zoom bias: Adjust the threshold for loading a new tile zoom level depending on the user's zoom level.

  • Maximum map tile zoom level: Select how far your maps can be zoomed in on a scale of 0 (fully zoomed out) to 22 (fully zoomed in).

  • Minimum map tile zoom level: Select how far your maps can be zoomed out on a scale of 0 (fully zoomed out) to 22 (fully zoomed in).

Note: To change these settings at an instance level refer here.


Visibility of built-in UI elements

Deselect any items you would like to hide from your site. The following options are available:

  • Share button on the POI panel: shows/hides the share button on the detail panel that displays when you click a POI.

  • Floor changer widget: shows/hides the floor changer widget on the right side of a site.

  • Detail panels: shows/hides detail panels, for example the detail panel that displays when you click a POI. If this box is unchecked, no detail panel will be displayed.

  • Search box: shows/hides the search bar in the top left corner of a site.



By selecting or deselecting the checkboxes, choose whether or not to enable Routing and Site Model search.


Primary view

The primary view can be either the Panorama view or Map view. In the Primary view configurations settings, select the primary startup view for desktop and mobile devices. This setting determines what the default primary view will be when you open a site. You can switch the views while working in NavVis IVION: Viewing the secondary view.


Starting location

The starting location is the first view you see when opening your site. To change or set the starting location:

  1. Navigate to the desired starting location in your site.

  2. Go to Settings > Site Configuration > Starting Location.

  3. Click Set startup view.

  4. Click Save.


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