Overview of NavVis IVION
  • 15 Mar 2024
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Overview of NavVis IVION

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Article summary

What is NavVis IVION?

NavVis IVION converts reality capture data into a Digital twin for collaboration and decision making. It can transform Point clouds of buildings and assets into web-based intelligent spaces which are accessible to every stakeholder. The result is a digital twin that closes the gap between the physical and digital world.

Key features of NavVis IVION

  • Host multiple Sites in a single NavVis IVION Instance, keeping all your projects and data in one place.

  • Browse 360° panorama and point cloud views of an indoor space mapped with laser scanning technology.

  • View, create, and edit points of interest (POIs).

  • Take accurate, point-to-point measurements.

  • Virtually route through your digital space.

  • Integrate into existing software with the open API.

  • Post-process your data in the cloud with the NavVis Cloud Processing.

NavVis IVION Core vs. NavVis IVION Enterprise

NavVis IVION Core: For laser scanning and AEC professionals

NavVis IVION Core is a reality capture platform for laser scanning and AEC professionals. With NavVis IVION Core, point clouds and panoramic images are transformed into intelligent spaces which are accessible to every stakeholder from any standard web browser.

Key features of NavVis IVION Core

  • Process, register, publish, and deliver your scan data online.

  • Inspect, plan, and measure with building visualizations.

  • Provide your team and clients access to the complete point cloud data from anywhere.

  • Optimize scan-to-BIM workflows.

  • Offer your clients a new deliverable that extends the use of 3D scan data.

NavVis IVION Enterprise: For factory planners and engineering teams

With NavVis IVION Enterprise, stakeholders at every level of the business can interact with realistic Digital twins of their factories. NavVis IVION Enterprise empowers key stakeholders to explore best practice scenarios, remotely engage suppliers, and drastically accelerate their time to market.

Key features of NavVis IVION Enterprise

  • View any site and find detailed information instantly.

  • Stay up-to-date with current and reliable data of your factory.

  • Access and download the relevant 3D scan data from within your browser.

  • Conceptualize and discuss changes in your virtual factory from anywhere in the world.

NavVis IVION Product Comparison

NavVis IVION Core

NavVis IVION Enterprise

Best for

Surveying and AEC

Manufacturing industries

Size in sqm

< 200.000


Registered users






Number of sites



Cloud infrastructure



Cloud environments


Production and development

Single sign-on (SSO)



Tracking Point of Interest (POI) changes



Extend with NavVis IVION Go



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