Help and Assistance
  • 18 Mar 2024
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Help and Assistance

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Article summary

Whenever you need technical support, go to the Customer Support portal first. The portal includes a knowledge base for troubleshooting, support documentation, contact information, links to the NavVis Academy and more.

Rapid issue resolution

If the support information you need is not available from the portal, then contact us via email To speed up the support process include the following information when possible:

  • The NavVis IVION Instance URL and Site name.

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue.

  • Log files from the time of the problem, refer here.

  • Note any error messages that are displayed related to the issue.

  • The version of you are running.

Embedded version of NavVis IVION

If an embedded version of is not working as expected, include the following information:

  • A link to the embedding website if accessible.

  • A description of the problem, with steps to reproduce the issue.

  • The code used to embed the instance.

Feature requests

If there is functionality you think is missing from NavVis IVION, or a feature you would like added, include the following information:

  • What should this feature do?

  • Describe the type of user that would use this feature.

  • What business problem will this functionality or feature solve and/or what workflow will it enable?

Before Contacting Technical Support

Before contacting technical support, review the following options available to you.

  • Review the troubleshooting procedures for NavVis IVION in our extensive knowledge base IVION Troubleshooting.

  • Review the function and features of NavVis IVION in this documentation.

  • Review the courses and learning available in NavVis Academy.

Getting Task manager Logs

For certain issues you may need to provide Task manager logs.


  1. Go to the site in which the problem occurred.

  2. Go to the Task Manager.

    1. Within the draft site, go to Dataset Management and scroll down to the Task Manager.

    2. Otherwise, go to Settings > Task Manager.

  3. Select the task that failed.

Downloading Log Files


  1. Go to Instance Settings > Instance Configuration > Troubleshooting.

  2. Select Download logs.

Feedback Request

Product feedback request

As we introduce new features or further develop functionality in NavVis IVION, we need to collect feedback from you, so that we can continue to develop, improve and produce products that work for your business.

This section describes the following:

  • How you can give us overall feedback on NavVis IVION.

  • Which specific areas of NavVis IVION we would like feedback on.

How can you give feedback?

The easiest and quickest way is to send an email to You can also contact your account executive, or your customer success manager.

Specific feedback requests

The following are the features that we would like to specifically receive feedback on.

Feedback request: Person Blurring detection issues

When reviewing your scanned images, if you notice that some areas are blurred when there are no people in the image or people are not blurred when they should be, NavVis would like to hear from you to use your images to improve the feature. NavVis would like the following information:

  • Camera images from the recorded (unprocessed data), from the NavVis VLX SSD.

  • Screenshots of the matching panoramas that have incorrect blurring.


This section describes the steps for retrieving data (cam files) that we can use for further developing and improving the person blurring algorithm together with a proposed workaround for the issue.

Note: Your data will be shared with a third party software company, so by following these steps you agree to these terms.

Data retrieval procedure

To retrieve the cam files required, perform the following steps in the order shown:

  1. Navigate to the IVION panorama location that contains the blurring error.

  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+C on the keyboard while viewing the NavVis IVION panorama in Google Chrome browser (other browsers have similar functionality). The "developer's console" will pop up on the left side, as shown here.

  3. Click the Network tab and the following screen is displayed.

  4. Press Ctrl+R on the keyboard to reload the entries. After a few seconds, the screen will display a list of network requests.

  5. Click on the entry XXXXX-pano-tex-.... located at the end of the list.

  6. Click on the Headers tab.

  7. Note the dataset ID where this panoramic image comes from and its corresponding number, you will need this later.

  8. The XXXXX will be the number of the panorama captured during the scan. In the example above, this is 00018 and the dataset ID is 2023-01-03_09.06.00.

  9. Connect the SSD of your device to a computer.

  10. Open the SSD of your mapping device under /datasets_rec/<dataset_ID_from_above>/cam/ folder.

  11. Upload the XXXXX-cam0, XXXXX-cam1, XXXXX-cam2 and XXXXX-cam3 files (that correspond to the dataset IDs you noted in step 7) to an online data sharing platform of your choice and share with the support team over or contact us at the same email address.


You can hide these panorama locations that contain blurring issues by right clicking on the image -> Hide current location.


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