• 24 Apr 2024
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The dashboard displays information and the controls required during the scan.

A screenshot of a video game  Description automatically generated

The NavVis VLX dashboard shows the following information:

  • Start play_button or pause Pause_button icon for pausing and restarting the recording.

  • Settings button Settings button where you can change the panorama capturing settings and the system volume.

  • Save button save_icon to stop and save the recorded data.

  • Control point control_point_icon icon for adding a control point to the current Dataset.

  • Pan pan_button or rotate rotate_button button for controlling the view.

  • Vertical view slider to change the view of the scanned dataset vertically in meters.

  • The recenter button recenter button in the bottom left corner to recenter the live map.

At the top of the dashboard, the status panel keeps track of:

  • The control point icon with the number of control points recorded control_points_count.

  • Camera status:

    • AUTO = automatic camera triggering

    • MANUAL = manual camera triggering

    • PAUSE = no data (Point cloud) captured, automatic camera triggering disabled

  • The thumbnail image shows the last panorama image recorded and the total number panoramas in the dataset.

  • Time elapsed since the beginning of the scan.

  • A color indicator bar that turns red if you are walking or rotating too quickly.

    Caution: If the speed indicator turns red, it means that the user is moving so fast that the quality of the dataset might suffer. Move or rotate more slowly.

System Status Messages

Errors and Warnings are shown as pop-up messages.

  • Warnings give the user hints on how to achieve better results (e.g. rotate slower, walk slower, do not tilt) and do not imply an immediate risk for the mapping process itself.

  • Errors mean that something unexpected has happened (e.g. a sensor failed, a software process terminated, time synchronization failed). The software will ask you to stop mapping if a severe error has occurred.

Note: In the case of errors, read the error message carefully and refer to the troubleshooting instructions.

Contact NavVis technical support with all available information.

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