Chatbot Disclaimer
  • 13 May 2024
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Chatbot Disclaimer

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Article summary

This text is for informational purposes only.

We don't guarantee the information provided by this chatbot is accurate, complete, or up-to-date.

We are not responsible for:

  • Content from other sources (even if linked here).

  • Decisions you make based solely on this chatbot's information.

  • Any guarantees about the chatbot's information or functionality.

  • Any promises, warranties or representations that may be given by the chatbot, may it be based on prompts which breach the Acceptable Use below or are within the acceptable use.

Privacy Policy

Any personal information you enter in this chat will be processed by our service provider, OpenAI Inc., and NavVis on the legal basis of performance of a contract (Article 6(1)(b) GDPR). Information about your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are available in our Privacy Policy.

We advise not to enter any personal data.

Intended Use

This chatbot is intended for use by B2B customers only. By using this chatbot, you confirm that you are acting on behalf of a B2B customer.

How the Chatbot Works

  • This chatbot is designed to answer your questions based on our Documentation.

  • The chatbot does not retain context from previous conversations. Each interaction is treated as a new inquiry.

  • Our chatbot is powered by OpenAI’s API, which does not use customer data for training its models. OpenAI's privacy policy can be found here.

Acceptable Use

  • You shall not attempt to manipulate the chatbot through methods like reverse engineering, prompt engineering, or other techniques that exploit loopholes.

  • You shall not try to reverse-engineer the chatbot’s code.

  • Our chatbot provides information about our products and services. We are not responsible for any deals or financial offers mentioned by the chatbot. Such offers are considered misuse of the chatbot and should not be taken as official commitments from our company.

Use tips

  • Formulate your questions clearly and concisely.

  • Focus on one question per interaction.

  • Use keywords from our Documentation whenever possible.

  • Avoid using slang, informal language, or complete sentences that don't directly relate to your question.

  • If the chatbot cannot answer your question directly, it may offer relevant resources from our Documentation.

We reserve the right to change or remove information at any time. You use this chatbot at your own risk.

For questions or suggestions, please contact us at

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