Instance Management Screen
  • 24 Apr 2024
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Instance Management Screen

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To get to the Instance Management screen use your admin credentials and log into

Reset Instance Password

To retrieve a password, perform the following procedure.

  1. Click the Reset button in the Instance Management > Reset Instance Password area.

    NVC Reset Instance 1

Stop and Restart Instance

To restart the instance, perform the following procedure.

  1. Click the Stop button in the Stop Instance area.

    NVC Reset Instance 1

A confirmation screen is displayed.

  1. Click Stop Instance.

  2. The instance will stop, wait a brief moment and the Restart button will display.

  3. Click the Restart button in the Restart Instance area.

    NVC Reset Instance 2

During the stop and restart process:

  • No data is lost.

  • Uploads/downloads will be terminated.

  • Jobs (e.g. map generation, etc.) will be terminated.

Refer below for a video showing the procedure.

View Instance Information

In the Instance Information area you can see the current information about your instance.

  • Instance name.

  • The URL of the instance.

  • The geographical region that the instance resides.

  • The maximum area.

  • The maximum size in GB.

  • The status of the instance (stopped, starting, started, online).

Rename Instance

In the Instance Information area, you can change the name of your instance to adjust the welcome text string in NavVis IVION.

Note: changing the instance name does not change the URL.

  1. Enter a new name for the instance under Instance name.

  2. Click Save.


View Subscription Details

In the Subscription Details area you can see information on your current plan, the date of subscription renewal and how you can renew the plan.

Instance Software Information

Under Instance Software Information, you can see the current software version and the software update settings. For more information on updating, see Updating the Instance Software


View Instance Status History

On the right side of the screen is the history of the status of your instance


The following table shows a description of each status


Description of status. 


An instance is being created. 


An error occurred during instance creation. Please contact support. 


Instance is available for use. 


Instance has been manually stopped and the URL is not available. The instance can be started again. 


When the machine that an instance is hosted on is restarting (On-Prem only) 


Instance is unavailable due to a technical issue. 


Instance is starting after it had been stopped. 


Instance is being stopped. 


 Instance subscription has expired. 


Instance data has been erased 

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