Calculating the Storage and Processing Units
  • 11 Apr 2024
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Calculating the Storage and Processing Units

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This section describes how Cloud Storage and Processing Units are calculated.

Calculating the cloud storage

Cloud Storage (GBs): NavVis IVION Processing and NavVis IVION Processing Enterprise provides you with a specific amount of cloud storage space. The storage consumption is calculated based on all Recorded datasets that you upload to your NavVis IVION Site. Additionally every file that you can download after data processing is also calculated in the space, such as; panoramic images, Point cloud (*.ply,*.e57 with and without embedded pano), quality map, and log files.

Calculating the processing units

Processing Units: These units are calculated based not only on standard post-processing usage, but also on the advanced features and functions such as Person Blurring. Successful reprocessing of Datasets is also counted against the balance while failed processing tasks are not counted. The processing units are shared between different devices belonging to the same account and they are non-refundable.

Note: The storage metric in data processing is used across all instances, this means that if you have multiple instances, they will all be consuming the same storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is billed sqm (square meters) calculated in NavVis IVION Processing?

A: Billed sqm is calculated within a 10 m range of the mapping trajectory. Within a single dataset, overlapping areas are only counted once.

Q: Why does the storage capacity on the Instance subscription not match NavVis IVION processing storage?

A: Processing storage represents the storage size of all the datasets uploaded and processed in NavVis IVION Processing. It is different from the storage size of your instance.

Q: When are processing units counted against the budget?

A: Processing that FINISHED is counted against the budget. Processing that FAILED or CANCELED is not counted against the budget. 

Q: How is the dataset file size calculated in NavVis IVION processing?

A: NavVis IVION Processing use a base 10 calculation to calculate file size.

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