When are processing units counted against the budget?
  • 18 Mar 2024
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When are processing units counted against the budget?

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What are the possible statuses of processing tasks and when are processing units counted against the budget? The following page describes this.

FINISHED in green

First of all, a successful processing task is labeled with a green FINISHED tag, like illustrated below. The processing units will be indicated and substracted from your NavVis IVION Processing units balance.



If there is a failure of the processing caused by data incompleteness or by issue with the processing software, the "units consumed" will be empty and there will be no units substracted from your budget.


Similarly to a failed task, if a user cancels a processing task no units will be used.

FINISHED in yellow

However, if the processing task finished but there is a large residual in the control points, the task will be labeled with a yellow tag FINISHED. User can check which control points are having too large residuals by clicking on the "View control point configuration". 

Two problems can cause this state:

  1. Issue with control points - either on the side of capturing them with a NavVis scanning device or on the surveyor's side. User can reselect the control points to be used during processing when clicking on the "View control point configuration". This will create a new processing task with the selected points and and units of both processing tasks will be substracted from your budget.

  2. Issue with NavVis processing - our SLAM algorithm has reconstructed the map badly and the control points are not aligned to the surveyed points. If the user can verify this by looking at the reconstructed blue quality map, they should contact the Support team. The units consumed in such processing task will be substracted from the budged, but the Support team will process this Dataset for you for free.


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