NavVis IVION Changelog History
  • 16 Feb 2024
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NavVis IVION Changelog History

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Article summary

The following sections show the changelog history of IVION

Version 11.0.4 

Release Date: January 11th, 2024 


  • Running jobs such as Crop & Download. 

Version 11.0.3

Release Date: January 10th, 2024


  • Faster download speeds for files created by the Crop & Download tool.


  • Datasets remain deselected when the automatic activation of point clouds is disabled.

  • If the map is set to be the main view, it opens at the position and zoom level that were saved in the "set startup view".

  • This release includes security improvements.

  • Resolved an issue where unsuccessful dataset imports left behind unwanted data in the system, hindering further attempts to import the same dataset.

  • Site model entity IDs will be preserved when publishing newly created drafts.

Revit Add-In

  • The NavVis IVION Revit Add-In is now compatible with NavVis IVION 11.

  • Saving a transformation with an already existing name now works as expected.

Version 11.0.2

Release Date: December 14th, 2023


  • A user's last selected filter in the Dataset Menu is now automatically stored and remembered. 


  • It is once again possible to reprocess a dataset with misaligned control points.

  • You can create or change POIs with large descriptions.​

  • The POI search tool is functioning as expected.

  • This release includes security improvements. 

Version 11.0.1

Release date: November 27th, 2023


  • Fixed a stability issue with concurrent data management operations (for example, when unloading multiple bundles at the same time).

  • When moving to a different site, the filtered drone scan dataset is reset.

Version 11.0.0

Release Date: November 15th, 2023


  • A new site data management workflow significantly improves the way that NavVis IVION is administered. The new workflow enables end users to work on a live (published) site while simultaneously admins work on a new draft version, all within the same site.

  • The new polyline tool in Mark & Measure measures distances that are not in a single line, showing the total measurement and the direction of the line.

  • The new circle tool in Mark & Measure measures circular areas in both the horizontal and vertical planes.

  • A new pre-set view option Outdoors helps users view the point clouds of outdoor data more clearly.

  • Datasets can now be flagged as drone data.

  • The filter Drone scan only was added to the dataset tree list. This filter is only visible if data is flagged as drone data.


  • The permission "Edit/view site model attributes" has been renamed to "Edit/view site model custom attributes" for clarity.

  • Incomplete bundle downloads are now shown as failed downloads by the web browser.


  • This release contains security improvements.

  • Panoramas exported as an .e57 file with Crop & Download have valid coordinates.

  • If the panorama budget is exceeded, an error message suggests clearing space or an upgraded subscription.

  • Secondary view is no longer expanded when a mouse button is held down.

  • Improved stability of crop & download with large point clouds.

  • Fixed POI external content links and embedded frames for guest users.

  • All measurements receive random colors when you select Apply random from the color picker.

  • Adjusted the E57 panorama extraction to better support panoramas with lower resolutions.

NavVis IVION Processing

  • Processing settings provide input recommendations of up to five of the most recent email addresses entered.

API Breaking

The following information is only applicable if you have API connections with NavVis IVION. There are changes to our NavVis Frontend and REST APIs. The main changes are the new endpoints:

  • Create Draft: Used to start working on a site that is hidden from the end user.

  • Publish Draft: Used to implement changes once they are ready and replace the original site.

  • Discard Draft: Used to discard changes applied to the draft version that are no longer required.

  • Poll for Job status: Displays information on Created, Published or Discarded operations.

Detailed information is available here

Version 10.9.6

Release Date: October 13th, 2023

NavVis IVION Processing

  • Fixed: point clouds can be downloaded in .e57 and .ply formats when control points are used in the dataset.

Version 10.9.5

Release Date: October 12th, 2023


  • This release includes security improvements.

  • The error message that appears when uploading bundles that are too far from the site origin has been rephrased to improve clarity.


  • Fixed performance issues when uploading datasets and bundles.

NavVis IVION Processing

  • The Download modal for processed datasets now provides clear options for downloading artefacts, including improved messaging for missing files and clarifying output categories.

Version 10.9.4

Release Date: September 14th, 2023


  • The Crop & Download tool will now export cube map panoramas to .e57 files by reprojecting them to equirectangular panoramas.

  • When switching to Site Model and Dataset Alignment from the Explore mode, only the current floor will be unhidden and expanded in the dataset tree.


  • POI descriptions support protocol-relative URLs.

  • The missing Open all measurements link in the PDF file containing exported measurements is now displayed for the sites without a site model.

Version 10.9.3

Release Date: September 5th, 2023


  • This release includes security improvements.

  • Site names that are too long to be fully displayed in the dropdown menu appear in full when the cursor is placed over them.

  • The Navigation button was added to the Site Model Editor.

  • Editing Mode Button won't affect the position of the helper planes.


  • The task list no longer refreshes when switching between Dataset Management and Processed Data pages.

  • All datasets now appear in cloud processing when NavVis IVION is set to Japanese.

Version 10.9.2 (On-Premise)

Release date: November 22nd, 2023

  • POI descriptions support protocol-relative URLs.

  • Fixed performance issues when uploading datasets and bundles.

  • This release includes security improvements

Version 10.9.2

Release date: August 17th, 2023


  • Users can now customize a POI's window size according to their preferences and the volume of information in the POI details.


  • The license metrics on the Subscription page now report correct disk usage and panorama count.

  • The selected coordinate system is now applied when uploading point clouds.

  • The POI share function has been fixed.

NavVis IVION Processing

  • The Processing Balance modal for post-processing features has been expanded. It now breaks down unit consumption for data captured with a NavVis M6, a NavVis VLX, a NavVis VLX 2, or a NavVis VLX 3, and for Detection and Blurring.

Version 10.9.1 (On-Premise)

Release Date: September 4th, 2023

  • This release includes security improvements.

  • Fixed the POI sharing functionality.

  • The coordinate system selection is applied when uploading point clouds.

Version 10.9.1

Release Date: August 10th, 2023


  • Performance when saving the site model.


  • Smaller UI issues in NavVis IVION Processing and in Dataset Management.

Version 10.9.0

Release Date: August 1st, 2023


  • Exporting .e57 files with panoramas is now an option in the Crop & Download drop-down menu.

  • Added the sort filter for Site Model Entities in the Dataset Tree to better organize datasets according to name or type (e.g. buildings, floors).


  • The color picker is now displayed next to the color picker icon when in measurement mode.

  • Enhanced support for .e57 files with embedded cubemap panoramas.

  • In order to better see the boundaries of a dataset in the editor, the camera helper planes now use normal blending and the color gradient of the FOV helper was changed.

  • Measurements are highlighted when the cursor is placed on the measurement area.

  • The Alignment Bundle section of the Dataset Management page was redesigned.

  • Measurements' relative height (from the floor) is preserved when pasting measurements using keyboard shortcuts.

Dataset management

  • Operations on a bundle do not block operations on other bundles.

  • Load/unload/delete operations on a dataset do not block operations on other datasets.

  • Load/unload/delete operations on a bundle do not block operations on other bundles.

  • All active bundle operations will only block the bundle row of that operation.


  • Added a warning dialog that displays when clicking on external content in POIs which allows users to make informed decisions about navigating to content from external hosts.

  • Users belonging only to the EVERYONE group no longer have permission to edit POIs. POIs that are currently editable by users in the EVERYONE group will be automatically transferred to the Site Admins group.

  • Only users with data processing rights can access uploaded unprocessed data, processing tasks, and processed data.


  • Simultaneous uploads of multiple heavy point cloud files, datasets, or bundles no longer lead to the corruption of the data.

  • The correct error message is shown when the automatic alignment tool detects non-overlapping point clouds.

  • Unnamed buildings will be sorted at the bottom or at the top of the list based on the sort filter selected (A-Z or Z-A).

  • The Reference button is visible again when in Dataset Alignment mode.

  • The error message "Cannot load point cloud data" no longer appears when editing a bundle.

  • Longer site names are now properly displayed and are not cut off when creating new sites.

  • When opening a site, the Point Clouds and Panoramas layers will be displayed based on the default set in the site settings.

  • The automatic activation flag will be honored when selecting datasets in different modes (e.g. Crop and Download, Mark and Measure) so that only datasets that users only see the desired datasets.

NavVis IVION Processing

  • Improved quality map preview and enhanced zooming overview for all datasets that have been uploaded and processed.

Version 10.9.0 (On-Premise)

Release Date: August, 2023

  • Third-party software packages that NavVis IVION builds upon have been updated in order to address potential vulnerabilities. NavVis will keep providing security updates on this version.

  • Improvements were made to the Dataset Management page and to the Crop and Download function.

  • Fixed multiple bugs that impacted the software.

  • Exporting .e57 files with panoramas is now an option in the Crop & Download drop-down menu.

  • Enhanced support for .e57 files with embedded cubemap panoramas.

  • Added support for NavVis datasets with cubemap panoramas.

Version 10.8.5

Release Date: June 14th, 2023


  • There was an issue with the automatic alignment, which is now fixed with this release.

Version 10.8.4

Release Date: June 12th, 2023


  • Creating sites with site coordinate system EPSG:27205 now works as expected.

  • Some datasets did not display in the processing list when NavVis IVION was set to Japanese.

  • Datasets spanning multiple floors that do not contain panoramas are now correctly sorted into floors.

NavVis IVION Processing


  • The Read More buttons now redirect to the relevant NavVis IVION documentation.

  • It is now possible to seamlessly view uploaded and processed datasets and to create new tasks in instances with multiple datasets.

Version 10.8.3

Release Date: May 30th, 2023


  • Panorama images now load properly when navigating in panoramic view and don't appear blurry.

  • There have been changes to the Data Visibility Editor user interface.

NavVis IVION Processing


  • Operational problems were resolved. It is now possible to easily view uploaded and processed datasets and to create new tasks within instances with numerous datasets.

Version 10.8.2

Release date: May 16th, 2023


  • The rotation option in dataset alignment is now more precise and is able to rotate at increments of 0.01 degrees. Improved

  • The edit permission for groups in the Data Visibility Editor has been removed, as it is not required in the current workflow.

  • The performance when using resource server connections has been improved through the implementation of a token key caching system.

  • Improved description of key metrics on Subscription and Dataset Management pages, and links have been added providing more information about the terminology used when working with Instance Storage and Panoramas.

  • Changed Data Visibility Editor to only display location markers for visible datasets. This behavior is only applicable for this feature, while other modes will maintain their current location marker behaviors.


  • The Crop & Download tool can now export cropped results as .pod and .rsc files without any issues.

  • Fixed the issue where building-assigned datasets not linked to a specific floor did not display in the dataset tree on Dataset Management and Crop & Download pages.

  • Add-In for Autodesk® Revit®

  • The issue of connecting the Autodesk Revit Add-In to a NavVis IVION instance that contains POIs without titles has been resolved.

  • Support for Autodesk® Revit® 2024 has been added.

NavVis IVION Processing


  • You can now see an estimate of the amount of processing units that will be consumed before starting a new processing task.


  • Fixed the processing failure that occurred due to empty spaces or incorrect characters in the dataset folder name.

Version 10.8.1

Release Date: April 18th, 2023


  • The Mapbox logo has been added to the bottom left corner of the Home Page and now appears in the Map View when it's expanded.

  • Rotation error detection for embedded spherical panoramas from imported .e57 files now positions panoramas based on the correlation between the panorama images and the point cloud.


  • Several vulnerabilities were resolved, rendering the application more secure.

  • Maps are no longer automatically removed when a site model is changed, only when a floor or building is deleted.

  • Width and Height controls were added to iFrame, making it easier to visualize content embedded to POI descriptions (such as PDFs).


  • When switching floors, the dataset tree expands the selected floor and collapses and hides all the others. ▪ LAS point records now show at least one return for each point.

  • Data corruption affecting points when exporting cropped point clouds in .rcs or .pod formats has been resolved.

  • Instance capacity and storage consumed by datasets are now correctly displayed in an instance.

NavVis IVION Processing

  • The column showing the size of all uploaded, processing, and processed datasets has been updated to display decimal values.

  • The new Person Blurring feature automatically detects faces and bodies in the point cloud and panoramas and blurs them during post-processing.

Version 10.8.0

Release date: March 15th, 2023


  • The Data Visibility Editor is a new feature that enables users (with administration rights) to edit the visibility of datasets quickly and efficiently. Currently the tool is available as a beta version, updates to follow.

  • Users with administration rights can now manage groups and user permissions for using the new Data Visibility Editor.

  • A toggle button that defines a floor as a mezzanine is now available.


  • The HS2 Survey Grid system has been added to the coordinate reference system EPSG:9300.

  • The new improved welcome screen is displayed after a major or minor release has been installed, and it now contains more information, such as links to relevant documentation.

  • Create maps replaces Create maps and navgraph as a bundle action in Dataset Management.


  • The panorama rotation error, which occurred when importing e57 FARO Scene files with embedded panoramic images, has been resolved.

  • Exporting cropped clouds in .pod and .rcs format now returns a error status instead of exiting the process with a non-zero error message.

  • Now we can process malformed .e57 files without a unique ID field for images in the metadata.

Cloud Processing Add-on Fixed

  • Warning messages and information screens about cloud storage have been improved.

  • The infinite loading icon, triggered when the quality map preview is not available for the uploaded dataset, has been replaced with the "no image preview available" icon.

  • Add-In for Autodesk® Revit®


  • The Autodesk Revit Add-in now supports the NavVis IVION -compatible login mechanism.

Version 10.7.4

Release Date: February 13th, 2023


  • To improve the support provided, the downloaded logs for processing tasks will contain a meta file with detailed information about the processing datasets

Version 10.7.3

Release Date: February 7th, 2023


  • The menu to select the colors for different datasets has been made consistent across all areas of NavVis IVION

  • Vector maps can now be displayed in Mark & Measurements, Crop & Download, and Navgraph Editor modes.


  • The subscription page no longer displays an error message when opening on large setups.

  • The transformation from EPSG:2065 to WGS 84 was causing the map to be placed incorrectly in NavVis IVION Go.

  • An issue that caused the retrieval of license information to time out with instances with a large number of users has been resolved.

Version 10.7.2

Release date: January 23rd, 2023


  • When drawing a room, the process will help you by snapping the outline to any adjacent rooms.

  • The on-premise version of NavVis IVION now ships with updated database container software.


  • An error message is no longer displayed when adding a dataset to dataset management as the actual available disk space is now correctly reported by NavVis IVION.

  • Snapping from room to room boundaries after saving is now possible.

  • The +Building button is disabled while saving a Site Model to prevent issues.

  • When the POI dialog is in full-screen mode, one close (x) button on the top right of the page is now displayed instead of two.

  • The users list in the embedded website now displays pagination buttons along the bottom of the screen.

  • Cloud Processing Add-on


  • You can now view and download a surveyed control point file in processing settings if it was used to process a dataset.

Version 10.7.1 

Release date: December 19th, 2022 


  • Group rights can now be edited without errors and the Save button is displayed once changes have been made. 

  • Buildings can be re-sized without having to manually adjust all the floors as editing a floor no longer unlocks the outline. 


  • If the site model validation fails because floor polygons extend beyond the building boundary, a new button has been added called Reset outline that will fix the issue. 

Version 10.7.0 

Release date: December 14th, 2022 


  • Warning messages are displayed when reaching 80% and 100% of license subscription's threshold for storage or panoramas. 


  • The information displayed on the license subscription page has been significantly improved. 

  • The site coordinate limit was increased from 20 to 25 km. 


  • QuickTime video attachments with the .mp4 extension can now be added without being rejected. 

  • Error when updating depth images from the measurement tool has been solved. 

  • When opening a deep link or after reloading the browser tab, the View and Edit fields inside the Edit POI section are no longer empty. 

Cloud Processing Add-On 


  • The Define processing time frame option can now be selected for datasets with or without panoramas. 



  • Support for compatible login for third-party applications, refer to 


  • The /api/site/{siteId}/affine_ref_sys endpoint optionally includes a transformation matrix that allows API users to easily convert data between dataset and site coordinate systems. 


  • OutOfMemoryError when creating POIs using RestAPI has been solved. 

Version 10.6.3 

Release date: November 17th, 2022 


  • Under certain circumstances, when creating polygons in site model editor, there was a corner point in the polygon that did not display and was only functional after closing and re-opening. Now the corner point displays and functions correctly. 

    NOTE: This means that ALL points in a polygon must now be defined to create the correct shape. 

  • User Groups can now be accessed, setup and managed before a site is created in the User Management menu. 

  • A large scan trajectory no longer causes the browser to hang. 



  • Vector maps and uploads to Cloud Processing are now working when NavVis IVION is embedded. 

Version 10.6.2 

Release date: November 9th, 2022 


  • Dataset alignments and site models can be saved much faster 

  • The sites table in the Subscription panel has been redesigned and simplified to allow easier access to all the important information 

  • Obsolete settings were removed 


  • It is now possible to import and view panoramas from E57 files containing non-ASCII characters in the file name 

  • Restored auto-alignment functionality for very small datasets 

  • Resource Server login works in newly created instances even when legacy authentication process is active 


  • When layering datasets, a panorama's source appears as a label 

Version 10.6.1 

Release Date: 6th October 2022 


  • Large user lists now load faster. 

  • The dataset tree can now accommodate languages that use a large number of characters. 

  • The location of the name label now avoids displaying in holes in rooms (for example in an elevator shaft). 


  • Building shapes can now be edited in the site model editor. 

  • Incomplete hole geometries no longer prevent the user from saving the site model. 

Version 10.6.0 

Release Date: 13th September 2022 


  • Point clouds can now be cropped and downloaded in the Autodesk RCS and Bentley Pointools POD formats. 

  • Uploading datasets or bundles that previously had been uploaded will now display as new datasets and bundles rather than replacing datasets or bundles. 

  • Now supports the Perth Coastal Grid 1994 coordinate system. 


  • Cursor coordinates no longer overlap with the context menu. 

  • Orthographic views now display relevant points of the point cloud. 

  • The auto-alignment is now able to work with large, imported point clouds. 



  • Restored onClick() functionality 

Version 10.5.0 

Release Date: 25th August 2022 


  • The  interface is now available in Spanish. 

  • Use the Mark & Measure tool to easily duplicate measurements or markings and then move them around the image to fully realize the implications of various planning scenarios: copy/move/rotate a single measurement through right-click menu or keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C/ Ctrl+V). 

  • There is now the ability to show and switch between different coordinate systems in the Mark & Measure tool for point measurement and cursor.The selected coordinate reference system information for point measurements in the Mark & Measure mode is now displayed in the export modal and exported PDF. 

  • Public sites can now be hidden from the dashboard of guest users with access enabled only by sharing the link to the site. 

  • Creation date and when the POI was last updated can now be viewed. 


  • Generating 2D maps in your IVION instance is now up to 10 times faster. 

  • The site dashboard now clusters nearby sites and responds much faster when there are multiple sites present. 

  • Messages displayed in the dataset alignment panel now provide improved clarity and feedback. 


  • The delete bundle operation is now more robust. 

  • Editing the boundary of a site entity will now also focus the side views on it. 

  • The Z coordinate now works as expected when converting to and from the coordinate systems using imperial units. 



  • The legacy long-lived authentication token has been deprecated and will no longer be accepted by new instances. It has been replaced by a more secure, short-lived access token and the long-lived refresh token. 

  • Existing instances still allow the use of the legacy token by default, new instances do not. The administrator can change this in the instance settings until support for the legacy token is removed in a future version. 

  • Refer to the API Documentation in the REST API section for more information on the migration process. 

Version 10.4.3 

Release Date: 18th August 2022 


  • This release includes security improvements. 


  • In certain rare circumstances when creating or uploading a visual index there was an issue. 

  • Some downloaded bundles were not re-importable, an error message was displayed "Bundle is too far from site origin". 

  • Creating maps will now work as expected on newly created bundles. 

  • The height of the location markers for .e57 files that use spherical coordinates is now correct. 

  • When attempting to save a dataset alignment sometimes there was an issue. 

Version 10.4.2 

Release Date: 21st July 2022 


  • Retrieving the list of sites is now faster. 


  • Importing point clouds with non-ASCII characters in the file name now works as expected. 

  • In very rare cases, the upload of point clouds, bundles and datasets failed shortly after being started. 

  • When switching sites the base map configuration of the site is now applied. 

  • We fixed an issue where the Run automatic alignment button was sometimes falsely disabled. 

  • We fixed an issue where the datasets list did not show the go to button. 

  • When embedding , the browser's pop-up blocker sometimes blocked downloads. 

Version 10.4.1 

Release Date: 21st June 2022 


  • We improved the site model editor user experience. 

  • Moving the site base point more than 20 kms away from a geo-referenced dataset is now prohibited. 

  • The keyboard shortcuts for moving datasets in Dataset Alignment now work as expected. 

  • We improved the loading of point clouds. 


  • We fixed an issue where the panorama extractor crashed for some .e57 files with embedded panoramas. 

  • We fixed an issue where snapping of buildings was not working. 

  • The edit button is no longer displayed in the dataset tree for users without write access. 

  • Measurement links now point to the correct location. 

Version 10.4.0 

Release Date: 7th June 2022 


  • The dataset tree in Dataset Alignment, Crop & Download Point Cloud, the Site Model editor, the Datasets menu and the Edit Bundle dialog now has a new design. 

  • You can now sort and filter datasets in the datasets tree using different criteria. 

  • Point clouds are now highlighted in the scene when hovering over the corresponding dataset in the dataset tree. 

  • You can now see the rotation point when rotating datasets in Dataset Alignment

  • You can now see the coordinates of point measurements in the measurements list, in the export modal and in exported PDFs. 

  • You can now share measurement folders. The structure of the folder will be maintained when sharing. 

  • When taking rectangle or polygon measurements, you can now see the length of the line being drawn. 

  • We redesigned the Run automatic alignment function in Dataset Alignment

  • You can now map multiple OIDC groups to the same  group and use * and ? as wildcard characters. 

  • Manual editing of user groups is now disabled when external user groups are mapped to . 

  • You now have the option to use local permissions when setting up user groups even if external group mappings already exist in . 

  • You now have the option of letting users be automatically deleted from  when they are deleted from an identity provider system. 

  • Some changes made to datasets such as hidden images and dataset names are now retained when downloading and reuploading datasets or bundles. 

  • You can no longer generate simple maps and downloading and reuploading maps is no longer possible. 

  • You can now view detailed information about your NavVis IVION subscription usage, both per instance and per site. 


  • When using Single Sign-On, the user information is now synced on every login instead of only on sign-up. 

  • The performance of the Site Model editor has been improved. 

  • POI IDs with more than 15 digits are now displayed correctly in Excel when exporting POIs in .csv format. 

  • now supports the coordinate systems EPSG:6993 and EPSG:8395. 


  • We fixed an issue where downloading maps failed. 

  • We fixed an issue where downloaded bundles did not include datasets. 

  • In Crop & Download Point Cloud, .las files now have a valid bounding box and no longer specify WGS 84 as the coordinate system. 



  • Transforming quaternions with the  Frontend API or REST API now requires a location in order to handle differences between grid north and true north correctly. 

  • oidc_group_name is now called sso_group_names. 

NOTE:  With  10.5.0 the old long-lived authentication tokens will be deprecated in favor of the short-lived refresh and access tokens released in  10.1.0. 


  • The  Frontend API now includes a new endpoint that allows you to switch between modes. 


  • Searching for POIs and site entities using the  REST API is now more reliable. 

  • The active property on the AbstractViewInterface and setSceneRendering method on IvionInterface have been removed from the  Frontend API. 

  • The build system and dependencies of the sample apps have been updated to the latest versions. 


  • Changing sites no longer shows "Entity not found" errors. 

Version 10.3.3 

Release Date: 3rd May 2022 


  • The Crop & Download Point Cloud UI now allows you to switch back to 2D mode if you do not rotate the cube out of the x and y plane. 

  • Measurement descriptions are now available to all users, including those who cannot save measurements. 

  • We reduced the overall load time of an instance, specifically after new data has been loaded. 

  • This release contains Java security updates for on-premise instances. 

  • Audio and video elements in POI descriptions can now be muted, played automatically and played on a loop. 


  • We fixed an issue where the total number of panoramas in unloaded datasets was counted incorrectly. 

  • The cross-site search for POIs now finds results even when the POI type group is inaccessible to the user. 

Version 10.3.2 

Release Date: 6th April 2022 


  • There is now a new error message when reuploading a site model fails because of overlap with an already existing site model. 

  • There are now server side logs that provide information on site model upload errors. 

  • We reduced the CPU load on the server. 

  • You can now upload images in WEBP format as POI attachments. 

  • Unassigned datasets in the Datasets menu are now collapsed by default. 

  • This release includes security improvements. 


  • Inline image data in POI descriptions is now converted into image files as expected. 

  • EPSG systems with inverted axes now work as expected. 

  • We fixed an issue where the login screen on mobile phones was not scrollable. 

  • We fixed an issue where switching between WGS-84 and a spatial reference system led to errors. 

  • When uploading POI attachments and icons error messages are now displayed correctly. 

  • We fixed an issue where transitions between panoramas would not complete. 



  • The conversion to Spherical Mercator (EPSG:3857) is now more precise. 

Version 10.3.2 

Release Date: 6th April 2022 


  • There is now a new error message when reuploading a site model fails because of overlap with an already existing site model. 

  • There are now server side logs that provide information on site model upload errors. 

  • We reduced the CPU load on the server. 

  • You can now upload images in WEBP format as POI attachments. 

  • Unassigned datasets in the Datasets menu are now collapsed by default. 

  • This release includes security improvements. 


  • Inline image data in POI descriptions is now converted into image files as expected. 

  • EPSG systems with inverted axes now work as expected. 

  • We fixed an issue where the login screen on mobile phones was not scrollable. 

  • We fixed an issue where switching between WGS-84 and a spatial reference system led to errors. 

  • When uploading POI attachments and icons error messages are now displayed correctly. 

  • We fixed an issue where transitions between panoramas would not complete. 



  • The conversion to Spherical Mercator (EPSG:3857) is now more precise. 

Version 10.3.1 

Release Date: 15th March 2022 


  • There is now a check box on the POI Types level that lets you check or uncheck all the POIs included in that POI Type. 


  • Loading and rendering vector maps is now faster. 

  • This release includes security improvements. 


  • Deleting an OIDC connection or resource server now works as expected. 

  • We fixed an issue where adding multiple sites for a user caused the Change Password button to disappear. 

  • The results list is now updated when a POI or site entity is updated or deleted. 



  • Embedded versions of  are now displayed correctly. 

Version 10.3.0 

Release Date: 22nd February 2022 


  • The Measurement tool is now called Mark & Measure. With the Mark & Measure tool you can: 

  • Take orthogonal and point measurements. 

  • Color and name measurements. 

  • Assign measurements to different folders and drag and drop measurements between folders. 

  • Display coordinates next to the cursor. 

  • Display measurement names in the scene. 

  • Display an alignment grid when taking area measurements. 

  • Activate different layers in the 2D view. 

  • Export one summary image for all measurements on one floor. 

  • Automatically save measurements and folders if you have the Save measurements role. 

  • You can now overlay maps with layers that provide information on the distribution of datasets and site entities. For data processed with System Software 2.14.0 or later you can also display scan data like trajectory and control points. 

  • Rotated maps now display a north arrow. Clicking the north arrow will orient the map to the north. 

  • Enterprise users can now search across all sites they have access to in a  instance and group the results into POIs and site entities. 

  • Panoramic images now include timestamps. 


  • Large site models now load faster. 

  • Transitioning between locations is now faster. 

  • We improved the performance of panning and zooming maps. 


  • The site selection drop-down menu in the Groups tab is now ordered alphabetically and expands to show long site names. 

  • You can now upload maps that contain Chinese characters in the file name. 

  • We fixed an issue where missing Manage data permissions led to errors when auto-generating a site model. 



  • Layers are now available via the  Frontend API. 

  • We removed the WGS 84 related fields from the site model endpoint in the  REST API. 

NOTE:  With  10.4.0 the old authentication tokens will be deprecated in favor of the refresh and access tokens released in  10.1.0. 

Version 10.2.6 

Release Date: 1st February 2022 


  • We improved the performance of listing jobs in Dataset Management


  • Measurements exported in .pdf format now make better use of the available space on the page. 

  • We fixed an issue in which site model auto-generation sometimes created an invalid site model. 

  • Permissions of the Everyone group are now correctly applied to private sites. 

Version 10.2.5 

Release Date: 21st December 2021 


  • We removed Log4J and replaced it by Logback 1.2.9. 

Version 10.2.4 

Release Date: 16th December 2021 


  • We updated Log4j to 2.16.0. 

Cloud Processing Add-On 


  • Point clouds can now be downloaded as .e57 files with embedded panoramic images. The .e57 files contain unstructured point clouds and panorama images in a spherical representation. 

Version 10.2.3 

Release Date: 10th December 2021 


  • In exported POI .csv files, the fields longitude, latitude and height are now called x,y and z, and the exported file no longer includes the dataset name. 


  • We fixed a critical security issue in the Log4j logging library. 

  • We fixed an issue where not all POIs were displayed correctly on the map. 

  • Importing POIs in .csv format sometimes resulted in broken POIs that were not visible and could not be exported. 

Version 10.2.2 

Release Date: 25th November 2021 

Cloud Processing Add-On 


  • We fixed an issue with the Cloud Processing Add-On. 

Version 10.2.1 

Release Date: 24 November 2021 


  • If you hover the mouse over a dataset, the full name of the dataset is now displayed. 

  • We improved the login screen for mobile devices. 


  • We fixed an issue with high memory use after dataset operations. 

Version 10.2.0 

Release Date: 2nd November 2021 


  • You can now move site location pins on the instance dashboard map. 

  • The site base point is now represented by one standardized icon. 

  • Admins can now see the base point of a site in Dataset Alignment

  • now supports multiple OpenID Connect configurations. 

  • Admins can now specify whether all users should be added to the Everyone group when mapping users to OpenID Connect and resource server groups. 

  • Permissions of the Everyone group are now limited to viewing and measuring. Existing configurations will not change. 

  • The users list is now paginated. 

  • We removed the Import bundle file from disk button. 

  • Hungarian and Turkish UI translations are no longer available. 


  • Importing point clouds now comes with improved performance and stability of normal estimation. 

  • The Crop & Download feature is now more stable with large areas and/or many datasets. 


  • We fixed an issue where login sessions expired when running in background browser tabs, especially in Dataset Management

  • The subscription and instance key details as well as the panorama count were sometimes missing or outdated. 

  • PDF documents embedded in POIs are now displayed even if IFRAME embedding is not allowed. 

  • We fixed an issue where the ability to pick a starting point of a measurement was not working reliably with varied dataset height. 

Cloud Processing Add-On 


  • You can now download an archive with panorama images for newly processed datasets. 

  • The processing tasks list is now paginated. 


  • We fixed an issue where switching control point files to a left-handed coordinate system could not be undone. 

  • We fixed an issue where it was not possible to deselect control points for a blocked dataset. 

Frontend API 


  • You can now set upload tokens via the Frontend API. 

  • There is now a REST endpoint for creating sites. 

Version 10.1.5 

Release Date: 28th September 2021 


  • The NavVis privacy policy, imprint and About box have been updated. A customized privacy policy is now displayed with the other links and not in the About box. 


  • Downloading very large bundles now works more reliably. 

Cloud Processing Add-On 


  • We fixed issues with control point files in left-handed coordinate systems. 

Version 10.1.4 

Release Date: 31st August 2021 


  • We fixed the OIDC login when used via NavVis IVION Go. 

Version 10.1.3 

Release Date: 23rd August 2021 


  • There are several security improvements. 


  • A large number of user groups and users no longer causes timeouts. 

  • Searching for POIs no longer fails due to a large number of user groups. 

  • We fixed an issue where certain user actions caused slow responses in bigger sites. 

Version 10.1.2 

Release Date: 12th August 2021 


  • The Site Model search now returns results based on partial matches. 


  • We fixed issues with the uploading of data and datasets. 

Version 10.1.1 

Release Date: 5th August 2021 


  • We fixed a memory leak when you unpack uploaded bundles and datasets. 

  • We fixed an issue where in certain scenarios the upload of a bundle, dataset, or point cloud fails with a permission error. 

  • Deleting a processing task now works while included datasets are uploading. 

Version 10.0.3 

Release Date: 22nd June 2021 


  • The performance of creating maps and navigation graphs has been improved. 


  • Switching between  sites was sometimes showing an error message. 

  • All site pins are now displayed in embedded  instances. 

  • Users can now grant group permissions as expected. 

  • The grey line indicating zero heights now displayed correctly in the Dataset Alignment and Site Model editors. 

Cloud Processing Add-On 


  • Processing tasks are no longer failing due to interruptions. 

  • NavVis VLX and NavVis M6-specific processing settings are now displayed in the processing task overview. 

Version 10.0.2 

Release Date: 26th May 2021 


  • The option Show map in Dataset Alignment is now activated by default. 


  • Usernames from OpenID Connect are now displayed as first and last name or as the email address of the user. 

  • The layout of  has been improved for Safari. 


  • The Users tab is now displayed correctly in empty instances. 

  • Creating maps now works as expected when a bundle contains multiple buildings. 

  • The override of an OpenID Connect Resource Server group array JWT claim is now applied after restarting . 

Version 10.0.1 

Release Date: 29th April 2021 


  • There are improvements to the migration of NavVis IndoorViewer instances to . 


  • Dataset Management now refreshes after adding a dataset from the Cloud Processing Add-on. 

  • We fixed an issue that prevented the current domain of the client from being used when using Share Measurements. 

  • Uploading and queued datasets in multiple sites are no longer displayed. 

  • The chunk uploader (used for point cloud, bundle, dataset, and visual index upload) no longer creates corrupted files under certain circumstances. 

Version 10.0.0 

Release Date: 27th April 2021 


  • You can now create multiple sites within a  instance to a group scan data into unique projects or locations. The support of sites also includes the following changes: 

  • All data created and uploaded is now positioned in a site coordinate system. This allows the data to be aligned both locally with regard to other data as well as globally. Data can be imported and exported in various coordinate systems, including the site coordinate system. 

  • Data added to a site must be within 20 km of the center of that site. 

  • There is now a dashboard that gives an overview of all the sites a user has permissions to view within an instance. 

  • The login page has been updated. 

  • The side menu is now divided into instance and site level menu items. 

  • Instance configuration is now separate from site configuration. 

  • The Cloud Processing Add-On is now on the site level. After migration, previously submitted processing tasks will not show up in the overview of each site. Uploaded or processed data is migrated. 

  • URLs now include a site ID that enables deep-linking to a specific site. Existing deep links to POIs and images will continue to work. Deep links to measurements will have to be updated. 

  • User permissions are now applied by site. 

  • Each site now has its own Admin user group. This group has full admin permissions for a specific site. 

  • The user profile now only displays the group permissions for the site currently being viewed. 

  • Visual Indices must now be upload in .nvi format. After migration, Visual Indices must be reprocessed. 

  • OpenID Connect and POI Audit Tracking are no longer available for instances. OpenID Connect will remain enabled for  Core  instances that already use it. 

  • Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported. 


  • <video> tags are now allowed in POI descriptions. 

  • There are several security improvements. 


  • Location markers are now displayed on the correct floor regardless of the height where the image was taken. 

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