Uploaded dataset is missing statistical data
  • 18 Mar 2024
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Uploaded dataset is missing statistical data

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This document contains information about missing data in the statistical data fields once you have uploaded your scanned content.

Missing data in the columns and constant spinning wheel

Shown below is an example of missing data in the dataset columns of your IVION Cloud Processing instance. This is where you would normally find the statistics for recorded at, panoramas and scanned area. The columns are empty and the processing circle continually rotates.

Why is the data missing?

This occurs when the final stages of processing a dataset has been unsuccessfully, calculating the statistics for the datasets are the last steps of the process. This can occur because the scanning device failed, maybe due to a hardware or power issue, in the final steps of saving.

Can I still process my Dataset?

Yes. Even though the statistical data is missing, you can process this dataset as usual. This data is not necessary for post-processing and both the quality map as well as statistics will be recomputed after processing..

Software version 2.8.0

In system software version v2.8.0 we introduced a Safe Shutdown protocol. So that (as much as possible) if a hardware failure occurs in the system, any data loss is kept to a minimum.

Note: However, even with the introduction of 2.8.0 Safe Shutdown, and depending on the hardware or power issue with the device, some statistical data may still be lost.


Uploading Data

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