Hardware Requirements
  • 30 Jan 2024
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Hardware Requirements

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  • 128 GB of RAM is recommended on your machine for processing.

  • For processing data from NavVis VLX 3 we recommend 192 GB.


  • Your machine should have at least 8 cores. More cores reduce the processing time since the software heavily utilizes multi-threading.

  • NavVis desktop processing software currently only supports x86 architecture.

Disk space

  • It is recommended to separate the operating system disk space from the NavVis data. For example: you can prepare e.g. a 250GB or 500GB physical disk/partition, to only install the Ubuntu 22.04 OS. At the same time, you can prepare a multi-TB disk for storing and processing of NavVis data.

  • Some guidelines on how much disk space the NavVis data could take:

    • Recorded data: As a guide, expect to generate between 15-34 GB/hour (250-900 panoramas/hour) of recorded data.

    • Processed data: Processed data should be a further 1.5-2.0 times the recorded data size. The data volume depends on the mapping duration and on the number of images captured by the operator.

    • Intermediate results: During processing, at least 100 GB of additional free disk space is needed for intermediate and temporary results.

Note: if you have a trusted hardware provider, consult with them to configure a Ubuntu 22.04 workstation. Some useful links that may help with the configuration:

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